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    Baby Room

    At Scope to Grow, we care for your babies in purpose built baby rooms, so that our staff can give the best care possible. Our excellent 'carer - baby' ratio insures that your baby is given the best possible attention by our highly trained and loving staff.

    Wobbler/Toddler Room

    At this exciting stage of your child’s life, we at Scope to Grow insure that they are constantly learning and engaging in exciting lessons. Our staff are highly trained in early education, so that your little wobbler can thrive in a loving environment.


    At Scope to Grow the terrible twos are not all that terrible. Our pre schoolers engage everyday in activities that stimulate learning and develop natural abilities. We insure that your child is put in the best possible position before progressing to Montessori.


    At Scope to Grow, we employ the Montessori teaching methodology. This means that our staff members observe the development of your child and customize their lessons accordingly. These lessons promote further development. Although the Montessori class is not academic, it teaches your child fundamental lessons for growth, skill development and awareness through stimulating activity.

    After Schoolers

    Scope to Grow offers a place where primary school children come when their school day is done. Our staff supervise and aid your child in doing their homework and school activities. We also provide co-curricular activities to take part in after homework and a drop off service to school in the morning and dinner after collection from school.